Roomba Frogger Redeux

Ever since Phillip Torrone and Limor Fried played Roomba Frogger down in Texas, we wanted to play it too except we could not afford to use one of our Roombas ... so we hacked a Frogger game to use one our RoomBud costume characters, Roobit the Frog. Well that wasn't good enough so using a RooTooth from RoombaDevTools for the wireless bluetooth connection to our computer and a bit more coding, we put together a game that we can play on the computer and have Roobit the Frog RoomBud actually run along the floor doing the same maneuvers as the Frogger character. When you get your little Roobit across the river, your Roomba will start to vacuum!

Video of Tyler playing real live RoomBud Frogger at home

Download RoombaFrogger with VB source code

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