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The RoomBud Crew is taking a break.

The end of our school year is getting close, and we are just way to busy with our school work to make the RoomBuddies.

We will be back up and running as soon as we go on summer break.

RoomBud Costumes

Roor the Tiger

Mooba the Cow

RoomBette La French Maid


Sunny the Penguin

Roobit the Frog

Lucky the Ladybug

FooFoo the WereRabbit

Spotty Leopard
For the person who has everything RoomBud

Snowy the Polar Bear Winking in a Snowstorm

Yes, that is $10,000. This is the RoomBud cover for the person who already has everything. This elusive RoomBuddy is so exclusive, only five have every been sighted. Just think, that is $6.49 million dollars less than the Victoria's Secret Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra. What a deal!

ScooBud Costumes

Toothy the Killer Whale


Sooshi the Goldfish


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